Hold my hand…

(I Request you all, to read it till the end.)

Hold me, trust me,

Grab me and hug me.

I am here look at me.

Why do you still look, at her


Who has for you shut the doors.

Who has nothing to do with you.

And still you look at her.


Wipe your tears,

Refill yourself with courage.

Let your journey begin again.

Come and give me a try,

Behold me, I’ll never let you cry.


Why do you wander to find another.

Waiting for you I’m standing here.

Still you think about future,

And the gone past about “HER”


Gone are those moments,

Erased are those memories.

Let the time go.

Else You’ll be in pain


Now this is my last call,

Hold me,don’t let me go.

I’ll return your happiness,

And I’ll remove all your sorrow.


I’m precious diamond key,

For which you’ll feel sorry

For letting me free.



I knocked you heart to hundred,

And you, never responded.

And so I go,

Forever and ever.


These are the words,


To every gentle man,

To every beautiful woman.


At times,

When human’s cry for gone past.

Or waits for future at last.

And holds the hand of negativity,

But never realise the present OPPORTUNITY.






            – Varchswata




Life and death…

Why do we bloom ?

Why do we wither ?

Asked a baby leaf,

To his wise mother.

Image result for beautiful leaf

And without waiting for answer,

He asked again.


Why do we cherish our life ?

When we have so little to live.

And why do we bloom all the way?

When it’s sure, that we’ll wither away.


And further he said,


All I  know is, our blooming

And our withering,

Everything goes in vain

And I cannot bear this pain.

Image result for crying leaf

And suddenly he was in tears.

And cried his heart loud;

And it said


 Tell me O’mother 

Give me an answer.

Else I’ll die

Without your reply.


His mother tickled him a little

Looked at her son and chuckled a little.

And she said,

Why son why,

Why do you worry ?

And why do you feel sorry 


Now listen to my answer,

With your open ear.


We all bloom,

We all wither.

Because that’s the law of nature.


Never bother about bloom and wither,

But always think about,

How well you lived,

And how you want your wither.


Remember my son,


If you want to bloom,

Bloom like first ray of hope.

And if you want to wither and fall,

Fall like a waterfall.

So that every generation will remember your bloom,

And remember your fall.

Image result for beautiful leaf near waterfall


The baby leaf listened to his mother,

And for his life he was sure to remember.

And without any delay further,

He again with smile started to flutter.

Image result for beautiful leaf

                                 – Varchswata

WHY ??

Why do you sit ?

Why do you cry ?

Get up and give a try ?


Why do you want, world by you?

Why do you want, to live in queue? 


Why do you want, your chance to turn up?

Why do you want, people to fill your cup?


Why do you expect words of appreciation?

Why do you think, you have bad presentation?


Why do you think, you are not a master?

Why do you think, you’ll become a big disaster?


Why don’t you live each moment?

Why do you bother, people’s comment?


Why do you die everyday?

Why do you let people, choose your way?


Why do you want to quit?

When you have life so sweet.


Why do you sit?

Why do you cry?

Get up and give a try…. 



Real Neat Blog Award…..

Extend my heartfelt gratitude towards koolkosherkitchen.wordpress.com for nominating me ,for REAL NEAT BLOG AWARD.…THANKS A LOT TO YOU…!!images.png

She is stupendous blogger. She blogs about yummy recipes. Do visit her blog and try some mouth watering recipes…!!

RULES are as follows:

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  1. I’d love to have ice-cream instead of chocolate.
  2. Dramatic contrasts instead of pastel colours.
  3. Instrumental music instead of vocals.
  4. I love mystery books & autobiographies.
  5. I love horror movies. It’s exciting …
  6. I write poems or read book that’s my idea of fun.
  7. I’d love to travel whole world….I’ll never be satisfied with single place…!
  8. I prefer to travel by own private vehicle.
  9. Any vegetarian food, on one condition it must be spicy…..
  10. Swami Vivekananda, he is my ideal…

My Nominations:

  1. J.L. Hunt
  2. Tanya Sahay
  3. Dawn to Dusk
  4. Antara Nandi
  5. Vesatile Lariab
  6. Prajakta
  7. A litle bird tweets


Questions to you:

Which is your favourite game?

Which is your favourite brand?

You are crazy about…

Favourite pastime…

Your ideal…..

Favourite country you’d love to visit…







Versatile blogger award….

I’m very happy to announce that, I’ve been nominated for the  Versatile Blogger Award….images.jpg

VERY THANKS to Neha for nominating me for this award…THANKS Neha…

She is a wonderful blogger do visit her blog at https://happilytanned.wordress.com 


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Want to know about me, here I go….

I love writing poems. I started to write poems when I was in 4th standard. My 1st poem was about colours, 2nd was about doll & so on…But those poems were bit childish…

I love to travel, explore. I also love adventures….

I love to debate….

I love to read books A LOT, books are my 1st love….Can’t live without them..

I love to dance alone, make rangolis, caricaturing….

I get emotional and angry in no time…..That’s worst part of me.

One more thing I’ve added in my dream list and that is to meet all my friends who support my blog…..ONE DAY  I’d love to meet all of you….ONE DAY…!!

I hate lies, & hate people who lie…I can’t bear it..

I’m crazy about gadgets, bags, nail paints & BOOKS……

My birthday falls on 4th June.

I stared blogging exactly 1 month ago…

Time for nominations….

  1. Samuditha
  2. Aks Thariani
  3. Rohit Rajeev Dubey
  4. chrisbjwordandimages.wordpress.com
  5. Mandeep Singh
  6. Soul catcher
  7. Twinkling words.
  8. Intrudesite
  9. The happy book
  10. Anju
  11. Iain Kelly
  12. Incredible pie..


The Black Cat Blue Sea Award….

Award again…!!

And this time it’s THE BLACK CAT BLUE SEA AWARD..


I’d love to thank  https://cookwithsmileblog.wordpress.com for nominating me, for this award…BIG THANKS TO YOU…

Dear friends, do visit her blog, I think she is just an awesome cook and awesome blogger…


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  1. Writter’s blog
  2. The showers of blessing
  3. Shweta Ojha
  4. Shubham Sharma
  5. The Insider
  6. Giriharan


  1. No, I don’t believe in luck. I believe in the concept of “The harder you work , more luckier you get” Till now I’ve not experienced single luck in my 18 years of life.
  2. Yes, I want to change 2 things 1st is to control my anger, and 2nd is in no time I get emotional.
  3.  I’d love to make Paneer Paratha for my favourite celebrity.

Now questions for my nominees…

1. Name of your favourite book.

2. Do you believe in yourself?

3. Your favourite past time is….


Soldier says…

This poem of mine is dedicated to all the BRAVE SOLDIERS who fight for peace...

And protect their motherland at the cost of their lives…

In the rain we march,

In the sun we sweat,

In the storm we fight,

For our nation;

For it’s pride.


Carrying heavy arms, 

In our mighty hand;

To bring bring peace for you,

And for the motherland.


We never let our eyelids fall

For we know the enemy,

And we know his brutal call.


We stand as mighty mountains,

We lay as burning desert.

We bear all the pain;

We are always ready and alert.


Don’t look at our motherland,

And don’t even try;

And if you dare…

The next moment without any care,

You’ll see no light,

For we’ll shoot straight in your sight.


And at last,

We all soldiers want to ask,

Why enemies WHY?

Why don’t you live in peace,

And why don’t you want people to live in peace….


Well, if you hate peace,

And love terror;

Remember O enemies,

We are present ,

As peace carrier.


Though we carry arms,

But we fight for peace.

Because we all love peace,

And want to live in peace….