On thousands of faces,

I CAN bring smile,

For this, I don’t need to walk miles;

What I can do is just look back and smiles.jpg

In every soul

I CAN bring peace,

FOR this I don’t need to bless everyone;

What I can do is, just share a lovely kiss.r.jpg

I CAN bring happiness,

In every heart,

For this, I need not wish luck to all;

But I can join the pieces of heart which are torn apart.y.jpg

In every ones life

I can bring hope,

For this I need not light candle;

But I can make people realise, that there’s room at the top.t.jpg

In darkness

I CAN enlighten every soul,

For this I need not lend my hands to all,

But I can help to achieve their goal.g.jpg

O folks realise;

Small step can make you say I CAN

So don’t wait to say I will,

Because you can start every step from now on.


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