A long way to go…….

I wanna touch the sky,

I wanna kiss the rainbow,

I wanna blow the wind,

I wanna feel the heart.

Silent valleys, silent streams,

Lets sit and dream a dream;

The forest beauty,

The laid down leaves,

The green trees and the blue sky.

Still I think I have a long way to go,

Where to…. don’t know?

The empty talks will take me,

The lonely walks will take me,

The beat of my heart will take me…

Will take me to my destination,

Where I’ll feel the joy,

I’ll love to live each moment,

Where I’ll see the world as,

Beautiful place to live in.

But I still have a long way to go;

To the places where,

I can sweep out tears,

Enlighten the lives of others,

And bring happiness and cheer.

There are many things to be done,

And many more promises to win.

And spread the eternal joy of thee,

I pray and bend on my knee,

O’Lord stand by me,

For I have A long Way to go…….



54 thoughts on “A long way to go…….

      1. now, you made me chuckle a bit! its like when I have ‘requests’ for xyz – and we know, it all comes in due season.
        Though, as beautifully as you write, you most surely do have more in your diary! 🙂

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  1. You implanted your desire to go each and every place of nature like tree, river, sky and experience loneliness and feeling silence of place in me… Very good poem by talented person. Thank you for the poem. Just keep writing such sparkling poems 🙂 (y)

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Bonjour

    Quelle belle histoire entre nous

    Je t’envoie un bouquet de fleurs

    Chargé de parfum que ta demeure soit embaumé de celui-ci
    Comme guidé par un vent d’amour , les anges viennent te protéger
    Je te souhaite une belle semaine
    Ici le temps est beau

    Pour toi en guise de mon Amitié

    Une douce pluie de tendresse et de bisous



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