Just fly!

This poem was written by me when I was in 9th standard…..

Dream of your dream and get ready to fly.

But there are things to be done,

And then you can spread your wings and fly.


Strengthen your wings and fly.

For there are chances to fall and cry.

Don’t worry of obstacles that come

For you have zeal,hope and spirit,

So crushing obstacles can be done.


Polish your wings and fly.

For you must suit the beautiful sky.

Ignore arrogant and rusty people,

You have great challenging ideas ,

So it’s easy to remove rust from these people.


Colour you wings and fly,

for you must know everything and try.

Go and fight with dark,

As you need light light for your work,

So give your best and make your luck.


And now the time has come to spread your wings and fly

For your wings are no more weak, dull, and stained.

So take a leap and fly;

Now you need not worry and cry.

As you have the best wings to fly.


Spread your wings and fly,

For sky is not the limit.

See your goal and run towards it,

For you not only have the beautiful sky ,

But strong, polished & coloured wings to fly.



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