Oh! Another Award…

Yesterday I came to know that I’ve been nominated for another award…..

And this time it is LIEBSTER AWARD…..liebster-award.png

My  heartfelt gratitude towards 187puneet.wordpress.com for nominating for this award…

He is marvellous and wonderful writer, he has his own beautiful style of writing….Do visit his blog…..

Here are the answers to you Puneet…

1) No I don’t believe love at first sight.

2) I would like to be Harry potter itself.

3) I have not done any thing awkward till now.

4) I am mixture of both introvert & extrovert, so you can say that I’m ambivert.

5) No I am not a party buff.

6) That will be very awkward situation…. I don’t know how I’ll handle it when somebody abruptly proposes me….

7) Love is something which cannot be defined, it’s something which you have to feel from your heart…

8) Your blog is mind blowing and beautiful !!! …

My nominees are….









As per rules..

# You have to accept the award.

# You have to acknowledge the person who nominated you.

# Provide a link to that blogger’s blog. State 11 random facts about yourself.

# Nominate 11 bloggers for the award.

# Ask 11 questions to nominees.

# Provide a link to nominees blog.

# Notify the nominees about the award.


1.) Your favourite author is….

2.) Name of your favourite book…

3.) What was the biggest surprise you’ve ever received?

4.) Happiest experience of your life..

5.) What was your first prize possession?

6.) What do you love the most in this universe?

7.) Your favourite pastime…

8.) Your favourite personality….

9.) What do you do on sundays ?

10.) Your favourite place…

11.) What do you see when I say ADVENTURE ?

imgres.jpg to all my nominees……


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