3 Days 3 Quotes challenge: Day 1

Thank you, atrengizindagieksafar.wordpress.com for nominating me, for 3 days 3 quotes challenge…She has a wonderful blog…Do visit her…

So here is my 1st quote for day 1….



And my nominees are:

# Cloud Walker

# Puneet

# Anna Cottage


3 Quotes for 3 days.

3 Nominees each day, no repetition

Thank the person who nominated you

Inform nominees…

Good luck to all my nominees!!


17 thoughts on “3 Days 3 Quotes challenge: Day 1

  1. Agreed with your quote.
    Also thanks for nomination. I won’t take it as a challenge as I have already completed it once but I will tag your name in one of the “One liners” I post as a token of appreciation. 😊

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  2. But…what happens if a bleeding heart and a bleeding wound is one and the same?
    If that’s the case – they must hurt equally 😉
    Doesn’t that render the quote applicable only in subjectivity? haha, just messing with you 🙂
    I agree in principle.

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    1. Heart never bleeds, but it can feel the pain. And that pain is more painful than bleeding wound…..Let someone break your trust, break your promise, and then you’ll feel the pain…..
      And then you’ll get to know how painful it is when your heart bleeds…
      I think if you don’t care for your emotions then this quote is not applicable to you……Go and search for the quote which is not applicable in subjectivity……!!

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