Soldier says…

This poem of mine is dedicated to all the BRAVE SOLDIERS who fight for peace...

And protect their motherland at the cost of their lives…

In the rain we march,

In the sun we sweat,

In the storm we fight,

For our nation;

For it’s pride.


Carrying heavy arms, 

In our mighty hand;

To bring bring peace for you,

And for the motherland.


We never let our eyelids fall

For we know the enemy,

And we know his brutal call.


We stand as mighty mountains,

We lay as burning desert.

We bear all the pain;

We are always ready and alert.


Don’t look at our motherland,

And don’t even try;

And if you dare…

The next moment without any care,

You’ll see no light,

For we’ll shoot straight in your sight.


And at last,

We all soldiers want to ask,

Why enemies WHY?

Why don’t you live in peace,

And why don’t you want people to live in peace….


Well, if you hate peace,

And love terror;

Remember O enemies,

We are present ,

As peace carrier.


Though we carry arms,

But we fight for peace.

Because we all love peace,

And want to live in peace….





65 thoughts on “Soldier says…

  1. Well done… beautifully written. The real enemy we fight is within our nation…. and we can’t say anything to it… that’s our govts and petty loudmouth nautankibaz politicians. After all that they do…. from getting blown off to facing inevitable death our esteemed PM and RM have slashed the disability pension…. so that now when they go home after retirement they don’t get what they are due and treated shabbily

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      1. A soldier is trained to fight the enemy… but poor thing fails when the enemy is in his own home stabbing him in the back while he gives his life willingly to save their undeserving ones…. his worst enemy is his nation that he fights to defend… a SAD SCENARIO in India…

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      2. homerbuford

        Remember your English speaking audience. When you revert to your native tongue some feel you are really talking about them. 🙂


      3. I’m really very SORRY…But it wasn’t about them. Here is the translation: We need to start from somewhere. So let’s do our part. Long journeys are completed by small steps…
        Once again BIG Sorry to you….

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      4. homerbuford

        It was a kind reminder.:). I have a native tongue, not English. We do not speak it around the English, There is wisdom in that.I enjoyed your poem. I also enjoy the comments. The comments on every blog help me to understand the topic, and who it is reaching.:)

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    1. I am busy with my college nowadays. But I hope I’ll post something new very soon. I do have lot of collection of poems in my diary. But what I am not getting is time. But I’ll surely post up something in coming days. And thanks for reading my poem. And asking me about my next post…..
      Stay happy and keep sparkling Shree…..😊😊😊


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