Versatile blogger award….

I’m very happy to announce that, I’ve been nominated for the  Versatile Blogger Award….images.jpg

VERY THANKS to Neha for nominating me for this award…THANKS Neha…

She is a wonderful blogger do visit her blog at 


  1. You must accept the award.
  2. nominate 15 bloggers.
  3. Share 7 things about yourself

Want to know about me, here I go….

I love writing poems. I started to write poems when I was in 4th standard. My 1st poem was about colours, 2nd was about doll & so on…But those poems were bit childish…

I love to travel, explore. I also love adventures….

I love to debate….

I love to read books A LOT, books are my 1st love….Can’t live without them..

I love to dance alone, make rangolis, caricaturing….

I get emotional and angry in no time…..That’s worst part of me.

One more thing I’ve added in my dream list and that is to meet all my friends who support my blog…..ONE DAY  I’d love to meet all of you….ONE DAY…!!

I hate lies, & hate people who lie…I can’t bear it..

I’m crazy about gadgets, bags, nail paints & BOOKS……

My birthday falls on 4th June.

I stared blogging exactly 1 month ago…

Time for nominations….

  1. Samuditha
  2. Aks Thariani
  3. Rohit Rajeev Dubey
  5. Mandeep Singh
  6. Soul catcher
  7. Twinkling words.
  8. Intrudesite
  9. The happy book
  10. Anju
  11. Iain Kelly
  12. Incredible pie..



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