Life and death…

Why do we bloom ?

Why do we wither ?

Asked a baby leaf,

To his wise mother.

Image result for beautiful leaf

And without waiting for answer,

He asked again.


Why do we cherish our life ?

When we have so little to live.

And why do we bloom all the way?

When it’s sure, that we’ll wither away.


And further he said,


All I  know is, our blooming

And our withering,

Everything goes in vain

And I cannot bear this pain.

Image result for crying leaf

And suddenly he was in tears.

And cried his heart loud;

And it said


 Tell me O’mother 

Give me an answer.

Else I’ll die

Without your reply.


His mother tickled him a little

Looked at her son and chuckled a little.

And she said,

Why son why,

Why do you worry ?

And why do you feel sorry 


Now listen to my answer,

With your open ear.


We all bloom,

We all wither.

Because that’s the law of nature.


Never bother about bloom and wither,

But always think about,

How well you lived,

And how you want your wither.


Remember my son,


If you want to bloom,

Bloom like first ray of hope.

And if you want to wither and fall,

Fall like a waterfall.

So that every generation will remember your bloom,

And remember your fall.

Image result for beautiful leaf near waterfall


The baby leaf listened to his mother,

And for his life he was sure to remember.

And without any delay further,

He again with smile started to flutter.

Image result for beautiful leaf

                                 – Varchswata


133 thoughts on “Life and death…

      1. maureenrose7

        If only more could see the simple beauty that you do oh what a wonderful world it would be!! ❤ You are correct in saying! Man can always learn from nature! Very wise statement! ❤

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Bonsoir ou bonjour

    Depuis que l on se connaît

    Notre Amitié est devenu un gros cadeau

    Comme pour Noël

    L’amitié des jours est un quotidien

    Une pluie de gouttelettes scintillantes

    Un immense et magnifique jardin

    Une envie de tout entreprendre

    L’amitié est là pour résumer, la base de la vie

    Une toute petite corde qui nous lie qui peut-être incassable

    Passe une douce journée avec ce petit porte bonheur à l’approche des fêtes

    Bisous , Bernard


  2. This is beautiful 🙂 Lovely lines. The flow, the simplicity of it all. Again, so effortless. (I say effortless because it smoothly flows)
    The lines seemed so innocent, so fresh and the reply encouraging.
    Beautifully done. (You will find me here more often.) Keep chaining the flow 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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      1. Yes we are….
        Mana ke yeh humare nanhe nanhe kadam hai,
        Lekin inhi nanhe kadmo se suruat hoti hai.
        Maybe that destination is very far but one day we’ll surely reach there….
        One day…


      2. Cool…but i won’t call you that….its tough to write😂😂

        How about sparkles?

        I really hope u would not mind…i can do the boring thing also though….call u by your name if you disagree😦😦


        Liked by 1 person

      3. Wow…you must love him and vice versa a lot….and dont worry sparkles….i just hope to write it this way…in my mind i am saying your actual name….even my name is unique…or have u heard it before?😦😦

        I hope not😂😂😂

        Liked by 1 person

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