Hold my hand…

(I Request you all, to read it till the end.)

Hold me, trust me,

Grab me and hug me.

I am here look at me.

Why do you still look, at her


Who has for you shut the doors.

Who has nothing to do with you.

And still you look at her.


Wipe your tears,

Refill yourself with courage.

Let your journey begin again.

Come and give me a try,

Behold me, I’ll never let you cry.


Why do you wander to find another.

Waiting for you I’m standing here.

Still you think about future,

And the gone past about “HER”


Gone are those moments,

Erased are those memories.

Let the time go.

Else You’ll be in pain


Now this is my last call,

Hold me,don’t let me go.

I’ll return your happiness,

And I’ll remove all your sorrow.


I’m precious diamond key,

For which you’ll feel sorry

For letting me free.



I knocked you heart to hundred,

And you, never responded.

And so I go,

Forever and ever.


These are the words,


To every gentle man,

To every beautiful woman.


At times,

When human’s cry for gone past.

Or waits for future at last.

And holds the hand of negativity,

But never realise the present OPPORTUNITY.






            – Varchswata




130 thoughts on “Hold my hand…

  1. Bonjour mon Ami ou Amie

    Je suis le messager de l’amitié

    Je viens te déposer une petite pensée avec une petite note de gaîté

    pour agrémenter tes journées ou tes soirées

    J’ai demandé au ciel d’éclairer ta demeure et ton cœur

    Avec toi je partage de grands moments de bonheur

    Parfois mes peines

    Entre nous c’est du partage , de l’écriture

    Passe en ce jour une excellente fin de journée ou soirée

    Que celle ci te soit merveilleuse

    Avec de jolis moments de tendresse, générosité , amour dans ta demeure

    Sur cette dernière touche

    A toute , bisou , Bernard


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