Hold my hand…

(I Request you all, to read it till the end.)

Hold me, trust me,

Grab me and hug me.

I am here look at me.

Why do you still look, at her


Who has for you shut the doors.

Who has nothing to do with you.

And still you look at her.


Wipe your tears,

Refill yourself with courage.

Let your journey begin again.

Come and give me a try,

Behold me, I’ll never let you cry.


Why do you wander to find another.

Waiting for you I’m standing here.

Still you think about future,

And the gone past about “HER”


Gone are those moments,

Erased are those memories.

Let the time go.

Else You’ll be in pain


Now this is my last call,

Hold me,don’t let me go.

I’ll return your happiness,

And I’ll remove all your sorrow.


I’m precious diamond key,

For which you’ll feel sorry

For letting me free.



I knocked you heart to hundred,

And you, never responded.

And so I go,

Forever and ever.


These are the words,


To every gentle man,

To every beautiful woman.


At times,

When human’s cry for gone past.

Or waits for future at last.

And holds the hand of negativity,

But never realise the present OPPORTUNITY.






            – Varchswata




123 thoughts on “Hold my hand…

  1. Until I reached the end of this poem I was constantly thinking that this poem is about Love. I was even trying to relate it. But the way you’ve generalized this thought with every single opportunity is really praise worthy. I never could have thought of such sharp turns 🙂
    Really a nice one.

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      1. Yeah, It’s unique. It’s my fathers gift.
        Good to know you too. I knew your name but not your state. I’ve heard that Kerala is really very beautiful. Famous for it’s backwaters. Would love to see your state.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I laughed while reading that request!
    This happened with me also when, and still it happens, that people just like the post without even viewing it and comment just a one liner “lovely” without any idea of what was written in the post!
    But no worries, you have some very good genuine readers.
    You’re so good at weaving inspiration in your poems, it is so beautiful!!!
    😊😊 Opportunity never knocks on someone’s door, you have to build a door so that it knocks!! And grab it as soon as you can…

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    1. I did it on purpose, because at first reader will think that this is on love,but it is not. And what they do is land up commenting on love. And the fact is till now I’ve not written a single poem on love.
      Your thought was inspiring. Loved it.

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  4. Don’t we have a love hate relationship with opportunities too? Beautiful flow 🙂 If only decisions and path to take was easier!! Keep writing. (Also, effortlessly woven embedding love and then shaping it into opportunity so apt) Cheers.

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  6. Your post made my day ! Absolutely fantastic! Except first I thought this has written by a woman to a man ! Later realised it is about opportunity and present moments ! In both ways the meaning is worthwhile ! Great work ! Sorry don’t know your name !

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