Something about me…

Hello friends….

I am Varchswata, 18 year old girl from India, who love to write poems. And this journey of mine was started when I was in 4th standard …I still remember how it started, I was in my class and suddenly I started scribbling something and I ended up with a poem…I have treasured my 1st poem till now…

My 1st poem was about colours,it was childish type of poem. But even today I love to read it…and the 2nd poem was about doll, then about dream Β and so on….

When I go through my diary of poems, I experience the change in me and my poems…

Whenever I get sad or happy, I land up writing a poem. I don’t know from where I get the flow and beautiful ideas…

And at last, I hope that you will love to read my poems and feel it from your heart.




52 thoughts on “Something about me…

  1. Hi, Varchswata. It’s so nice to meet you. I am happy to hear you keep a diary of your writings. I have been keeping journals for over fifty years. I looked at a few of you poems. You are wise beyond your years and your poetry is lovely. I am looking forward to getting to know you here. I am a grandmother and it blessed my heart to *meet* young people like you. Never let life steal your joy or you dreams. ❀

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      1. Just keep writing. Don’t second guess yourself and continue keeping a diary of each one. Whenever anything inspires you, jot it down. Meditate on it and a poem will flow seemingly out of nowhere. Always reread and edit when necessary. If it is a free-flowing spur of the moment poem, I would probably leave it as is. These are some things I have learned along life’s way. Many of my poems come to me in dreams also.

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  2. Hi Varchswata!You have a unique and peculiar name,it took me two seconds to spell it correctly i wana know the meaning of your name! Thanks for visiting my blog, for the lovely comments and a special thanks for the follow!i read some of your poems and those are amazing,will go deep in sometime amd looking forward to read more of your poems😊

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