3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge…..Day 3

So, today is my last day for this challenge….

All the quotes which I, shared were my thoughts…And I hope, you all loved them..

These are not just thoughts but true feelings which, I treasure in my heart…

Now it’s time for today’s quote…images.jpg

Go on with this thought, and continue with your good deeds….

Today’s nominees are..

# Laura.

# Anju.

# The insider.


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Best of luck to all my nominees….!!


3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge….Day 2

My quote for today is..==.jpg

And my nominees for today are

# samuditha

# a writer’s beginning

# cattie’s world

Good luck to all my nominees….


3 Quotes for 3 days.

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Good luck once again……..!!

3 Days 3 Quotes challenge: Day 1

Thank you, atrengizindagieksafar.wordpress.com for nominating me, for 3 days 3 quotes challenge…She has a wonderful blog…Do visit her…

So here is my 1st quote for day 1….



And my nominees are:

# Cloud Walker

# Puneet

# Anna Cottage


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Good luck to all my nominees!!


Because of you all…..!!

THANKS………THANKS…. a lot Puneet for nominating me for this ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD !!


He has, a lovely and remarkable blog, do visit his blog…..at 187puneet.wordpress.com

I owe this award to you my dear friends…….

Because you, made my blog lovely!!….

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Things about myself…..

# I love reading books a lot, once they are in my hand , I read it till the end. I just love books…

# I love anchoring, and I’ve done it many times. I love being on stage…

# My zodiac sign is Gemini…..

# I love exploring and adventure…..

# I don’t like gossiping, I just hate it..

# I believe and love my traditions….

# I hate people who lie and show off ..

# I love being alone, in silence & to watch beautiful nature…

My nominees are…







Congrats to all the nominees…..!!

Oh! Another Award…

Yesterday I came to know that I’ve been nominated for another award…..

And this time it is LIEBSTER AWARD…..liebster-award.png

My  heartfelt gratitude towards 187puneet.wordpress.com for nominating for this award…

He is marvellous and wonderful writer, he has his own beautiful style of writing….Do visit his blog…..

Here are the answers to you Puneet…

1) No I don’t believe love at first sight.

2) I would like to be Harry potter itself.

3) I have not done any thing awkward till now.

4) I am mixture of both introvert & extrovert, so you can say that I’m ambivert.

5) No I am not a party buff.

6) That will be very awkward situation…. I don’t know how I’ll handle it when somebody abruptly proposes me….

7) Love is something which cannot be defined, it’s something which you have to feel from your heart…

8) Your blog is mind blowing and beautiful !!! …

My nominees are….









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1.) Your favourite author is….

2.) Name of your favourite book…

3.) What was the biggest surprise you’ve ever received?

4.) Happiest experience of your life..

5.) What was your first prize possession?

6.) What do you love the most in this universe?

7.) Your favourite pastime…

8.) Your favourite personality….

9.) What do you do on sundays ?

10.) Your favourite place…

11.) What do you see when I say ADVENTURE ?

imgres.jpg to all my nominees……

A big surprise!!……

Greetings to you all, my dear friends across the globe ………

You know what I have something to tell you….guess what I have been nominated for the SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD. What to say…I am just TOO happy ……

Yippeee!!!! images

” Feeling gratitude and not expressing it, is like wrapping a present and not giving it”

So I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude towards huntsclubhouse.wordpress.com for nominating me for this award.THANK YOU !!  J L Hunt.She has beautiful site. Please do visit it….images.jpg

And a BIG THANKS to you also, my dear friends for your support, for you prodigious comments, for your enlightening words. I owe this small success of mine to you all….

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Here are my 11 nominations…..












And here are my 11 questions to you all…….

  1. Which is your favourite colour and why?
  2. Who is the most admirable person in your life?
  3. What is the biggest mistake of your life?
  4. What is your aim?
  5. Which was the most funniest moment of your life?
  6. Which is you favourite cartoon character?
  7. What is your favourite pastime?
  8. What do you see in your mind when I say GIRL?
  9. Which is your favourite animal?
  10. What do you want to see behind the close doors?
  11. What do you admire the most in this universe?

Congrats to all the nominees!!!

Now here are my answers …..

1) My favourite food is Paneer Pulao .

2)  My favourite book is Grand design written by Stephen Hawking.

3) My favourite movie star is Hrithik Roshan.

4) My favourite song is That’s the way It is…by Celine Dion’s.

5) My favourite movie is Frozen.

6) I love North Indian Food the most.

7) The best place which I’ve been to is my school Holy Cross Convent.

8) The day when I took an oath as Discipline Minister of my school was the most beautiful experience till now.

9) If I land a jackpot of money I’ll use it to spread knowledge, happiness, peace, love and to enlighten people’s soul.

10) My mission is to become a doctor and bring smile on each and every face!

11) I would like to meet true love of my life. If he does Exists…

Thank you all, my dear friends for sharing your time with me…..






Just fly!

This poem was written by me when I was in 9th standard…..

Dream of your dream and get ready to fly.

But there are things to be done,

And then you can spread your wings and fly.


Strengthen your wings and fly.

For there are chances to fall and cry.

Don’t worry of obstacles that come

For you have zeal,hope and spirit,

So crushing obstacles can be done.


Polish your wings and fly.

For you must suit the beautiful sky.

Ignore arrogant and rusty people,

You have great challenging ideas ,

So it’s easy to remove rust from these people.


Colour you wings and fly,

for you must know everything and try.

Go and fight with dark,

As you need light light for your work,

So give your best and make your luck.


And now the time has come to spread your wings and fly

For your wings are no more weak, dull, and stained.

So take a leap and fly;

Now you need not worry and cry.

As you have the best wings to fly.


Spread your wings and fly,

For sky is not the limit.

See your goal and run towards it,

For you not only have the beautiful sky ,

But strong, polished & coloured wings to fly.